Our Story

Hi! I'm Rachelle, the owner and hardworking hands behind Matchmaven. Before that, wife to my sweet husband of almost five years and mother to the most precious two year old girl.
After I had my daughter, I found myself carrying my diaper bag even when I was out by myself because I didn't have a space to call mine anymore. Picture a dinner date, me and my husband, and a leather backpack stuffed with diapers, cheerios, and my few essentials in tow.
I realized that while I was a mother, I was also still me and I needed my own little space for my solo Home Goods trips and dates with my husband. My passion for sketching and design drew me to the idea of designing my own purse, one that met my needs, matched my style and made me feel beautiful and feminine even with traces of the sweetest, sticky toddler hands.
After several months of paper prototyping, sketching, designing and redesigning, the Louvre crossbody purse was born. The perfect hands-free companion with space for all of my essentials and a sleek design to complement my look. A match made in heaven.
My hope for this business is to continue to design and curate products to enhance the lives of strong, creative and smart women. To provide a tool belt for the essentials needed to accomplish big dreams in style. This is for all of you hardworking, inspiring women chasing their dreams and especially for my daughter, the one who inspires me the most.